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The Micropenis is called the penis whose length is 2.75 in / 7 cm in the stabilized state Less than. This happens when the male hormone testosterone levels are significantly lower during the development of the baby in the womb of the womb. Most of the boys who are worried about their gender Micropenis and go to the doctor, their penis is not really in such a condition, often the penis looks smaller than its actual size because it is hidden from the fat surrounding the sexual organs. 

it happens, In other cases, when a boy has not reached adolescence in the second place, the organ seems to be smaller compared to the size of his body, it is not a matter of concern, because when the adolescence begins, then the length and width of the penis will also increase.

Micropenis is a medical condition which is based on the measurement of length .If the erected penile
length is found to be below -2.5 standard deviation of the mean in a patient a medical condition of
Micropenis is found.Micropenis arises because of the hormonal defects of the hypothalamic pituitary
gonadal axis. For evaluation purposes endocrinologic tests are conducted. Condition of Micropenis can
occur independently or with the occurrence of many syndromes. A medical condition of Micropenis was
reported as 1.5 in 10000 male children, embryonic development follows the differentiation of
bipotential gonadal ridge to testis. Also hcG driven testosterone synthesis which begins in leydig cells at
8 to 12 weeks results in penile differentiation worked up by dihydrotestesterone(DHT).This medical
condition arises because of the hormonal abnormality which occurs after 12th week of gestation.As a
result of pituitary gonadotropin secretion and the stoppage of the negative feedback activates the axis
which further results in the increase of testis volume and penile length.
In this period both FSH and LH rises which results in testosterone, inhibin B and anti mullerian moving all
across the system. Identification of the problem is indispensible as it allows the treatment process to
follow. This condition is prevalent in XY males and which is marked by a small penis, a medium raphe
,foreskin with normal localization of the urethral meatus opening.

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