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Blind Date Advice for Men

Blind date is like treading on an unknown territory. You are full of questions and concerns about your date such as, “What will she look like?”, “Is she gonna find me good looking?” and many more. If you want your date to come out right, there are some dating advices which can work for most guys. Blind dates are different than the usual ones when you know all about your date and can prepare according to her tastes. With blind dates you need to be on your guard and take things as they come.
Setting up a Blind Date

It would be much better if you fixed up a date on the advice of someone who knows the kind of girl you like. You can choose not to trust your women friends on that. All women tend to think their friends are prettier than them. They also understate the looks of women, i.e. fat might look “curvy” to them and unattractive will be “nice girl”. It is better to trust your male friends. They will surely have an eye for what you like.

Listen to Her

Men should always know that women want to unburden their emotions on someone they find trusty. Moreover, if you boast about your job and what fancy item bought recently will not find favour with them. Listen to what she has to say and choose some personal topics for discussion. Work, family, interests and similar personal topics should be dwelt upon. If she is not willing to disclose any personal information you must take it as a signal of changing the topic.

Keep your Eyes on Her

Never stop to look at her eyes and do not check out other women if you want to impress your date. A confident body language will speak for itself.

Do not Heighten your Expectations

If you do not find what you were looking for, it should be something you always expected. Keep an escape plan ready if it turns out like that. It could be setting up a phone call from a friend about some emergency.

Lead her

Men should always remember on a blind date that they will never score points for being timid even if they are very good looking. You should be the one to initiate a conversation, asking for a dance or any other activity you might be interested in.