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Who is a Blind Date

Blind dates are an extremely exciting prospect for all. It has that all important element of surprise factor which can make the dating experience all the more interesting. Most of us are willing to take the risk of meeting someone completely unknown, with the intention of striking up some kind of bond. However, we all need to aware of one thing. Who qualifies as a blind date?
Know who Your Blind Date is.

• That person qualifies as a blind date who is a complete stranger to you and you are meeting her/him for the first time.
• A blind date can be someone whom you have only become acquainted with in the virtual world. When you decide to go on a date with someone you have come to know from a chat room via the internet, that person is your blind date.
• A blind date can also be someone who your friends might have set you up with. This person can be a common friend or someone they have come to know from their friends.
• A blind date can also be someone your parents or relatives want you to meet for the purpose of matrimony.
• There are many dating services available online where you can meet prospective partners. If you decide to meet one such person for the first time then that person will be your blind date.
• A blind date can also be someone you came to know in a bar, club or discotheque. When the two of you mutually decide to meet each other, you become each other’s blind date.
• Finally a blind date is someone you are excited to meet. She/he is someone you have never met before. But now you are willing to take the chance of meeting this complete stranger with the hope that something positive will come out of it!