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How Effective and Safe is Cervical Cap

Cervical cap is a method of contraception used by females. They are not highly effective in avoiding pregnancy, but if used properly can show around 60% success rate.

Cervical cap can prove to be a very effective way of birth control if it is accompanied by the use of birth control pills. Women who have given birth by normal delivery are not benefitted by the use of cervical caps. In them the vagina and cervix get stretched, so a cervical cap doesn’t fit properly leading to pregnancy.

Cervical cap is very simple and easy to use. It has proved to be very efficient for the women who have never given birth. If a woman uses it properly while having sex, she can effectively avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy. The cervical cap is under the control of the woman using it. Therefore she need not take permission from her partner. A woman can put it 48 hrs before sex. This does not hinder the efficiency of the cervical caps.

Cervical caps contain specific chemicals that have spermicidal actions (killing of sperms). They are placed on the cervix, just at the entry of the vagina. The sperms get killed during sex as soon as they come in contact with these chemicals. Cervical caps do not give any protection against sexually transmitted diseases. The contraception can be made more effective by using condoms, spermicides and other oral contraceptive pills.

Cervical cap is not safe for the women who are allergic to silicone or spermicide, those who have already had vaginal delivery, and those who have breaks or cuts in the vaginal wall. A woman with infections in reproductive organs or one who is suffering from uterine or vaginal cancer is not advised to use cervical caps. It is also not safe for those women who have undergone abortion or surgery on cervix.

There is always a possibility that cervical cap moves from its position, increasing the chances of an unwanted pregnancy. It can’t be used during periods. Therefore, anyone having sex during periods should use other methods of contraception and not cervical cap.

Till now no harmful effects of cervical cap have been reported. As it has not been found to cause any kind of urinary tract infection, it’s quite a safe method for conception.