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Birth Control Methods for Men

After vasectomy, the original birth control method for men, there has been a lot more development of late. It is good that such research have been carried out because men need to use birth control unless they want a baby. This involves basic information about birth control. Most of the methods do focus on female biology but men need to be informed as much as women. They need to take their women into confidence before choosing any of the contraception methods.

Barrier Birth Control Method for Men

Some of the barrier birth control method for men are condoms, female condoms and diaphragms. All these perform one basic function of, as the name suggests, being a barrier between the sperm and the egg. Condom is one of the best birth control for method men as it protects them against unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases. There are some directions which you need to follow for making the male and female condoms work best.

Hormonal Birth Control Method for Men

Hormonal birth control method for men have the disadvantage of side-effects. The male hormonal contraceptives stop the production of sperms. This is done by stopping the release of secretion of male reproductive hormone in the brain and the testes. The male contraceptive pills reduce the production of sperms in the semen to less than 1 million per millilitre. Such a condition is called oligospermia and it is 99% efficient in preventing pregnancy. This is better than female contraception’s success rate and a good birth control method for men.

Suspensories - Using Internal Heat of the Body for Birth Control

Since the testes are located outside the cavity of the body, they are at around 1 to 2 degree Celsius lower temperature than the rest of the body. If the testes were somehow brought to a temperature which is few degress higher than what is their normal, it has an adverse impact on production of sperms. Supensories are designed to bring the testes which are away from the body closer to your internal body. It warms their temperature to body temperature. Even a mild increase on the heat has an adverse impact on the quality of sperms produced.

New researches in this field have developed myriad new methods of male contraception. There are injected plugs, dry orgasm pills, enzyme inhibitors and many others. Since all have the same purpose of inhibiting the natural process of sperm production, it would be unwise to give them a try without the advice of your health care provider.