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How to Survive Infidelity

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo infidelity, but if you want to give another chance to your relationship, you must learn the ways to survive infidelity. Some of the ways in which you can survive infidelity include:
1.To cope with the loss caused by infidelity of your partner, the primary step is to make sure that your partner has cut all contacts with the other person. This means that he/she no longer has the other person’s phone number/s and email addresses. It is impossible to come to terms with your partner, especially if the other person still exists in his/her life. If your partner is serious about getting a second chance, he or she would willingly dissolve all his or her contacts with the other person.
2.After infidelity, it is not unusual for the victim to ask questions about what the partner does every day. Therefore, do not hesitate to throw questions at your partner about his/her daily activities. Frequently asking questions helps you process the betrayal and gives you mental assurance that you know everything about your partner. While doing so, you may also need to prepare yourself for hearing unwanted things.
3. To get closer to your partner and give a second chance to your relationship, listen to your partner’s feelings and viewpoints. No reason can justify his or her infidelity, but look-out for the reasons he gives for having the affair. It is a myth that unhappy people seek company outside of their relationships, however, a survey has shown that around 56 percent of men involved in infidelity say they are happily married. If he or she apologises, understand his/her guilt and do not stress excessively on the past instead, decide whether he/she deserves your trust for the second time or not.
4. Confiding to somebody close other than your partner will help you relieve the burden from the past issues. Discussing your issues with a close friend or family member will reassure you that your partner’s adultery is not your fault and your way of dealing with it is perfectly fine.
5. After facing infidelity, it is normal to set boundaries the second time. Let your partner know that to make it work for the second time, two of you need to be completely honest with each other. This gives both the partners the liberty to access each other’s cell phones and email accounts. If he or she is interested in making it work the second time, he/she will realise that there is a need to put in a lot of effort to regain your trust.