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What is Adultery

Having sex with someone other than your spouse is usually called adultery. But this definition is not complete. For some people, having an emotional bonding or even flirting comprises of adultery. In most countries adultery is considered avoidable but is not made punishable by law. Attitudes towards adultery vary in different cultures and also between groups in a large society.

Although, adultery is not considered punishable, it is a valid ground for divorce in many countries. In USA, it is one of the many admissible grounds for divorce in many states. In India, Hindu, Muslim and Christians are covered under different marriage acts, each of which has different grounds of divorce. Under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, adultery is considered a criminal offence, and the petitioner seeking divorce can be granted that if adultery is proven. However, substantial proofs are needed to establish adultery.

The reaction to adultery in a couple is based on various factors; the two most important of these are child custody and property distribution. If a spouse decides that he or she has had enough and that it is time to separate, proving adultery in a court of law can prove to be difficult. At times, if the circumstances of the case warrant it, even the motivation and having an opportunity of being adulterous has been accepted as evidence. This includes moving in motel together with the proof in the register of checking in.

When moving on after being adulterous or your spouse being affected, you need to evaluate what values more to you in a relationship. A lot of this would depend on the attitude of the adulterous partner and whether he or she is willing to make things better in the future. A reckless attitude towards something as serious as this is likely to invite trouble in future. If you or your spouse has such an attitude, know that your troubles have only begun. It would be advisable to consider the option of divorce.

Adultery has very serious repercussions on all the people involved. Apart from the people involved, the spouses, children and even the close family members to a great extent. As it is such a serious issue, one needs to learn more about it.