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Emotional Infidelity Vs Physical Infidelity

If we go by the traditional definition of infidelity, it is when a person in a committed relationship is physically involved with someone else. Do you think that a relationship is only about the sexual integrity? Or is trust important in a relationship? Owing to the number of factors that lead either partner to adhere to cheating behaviour/s has now been reclassified into emotional and physical infidelity

Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is when a person begins to invest his/her emotional feelings to someone else but their partner. In emotional infidelity, the person starts receiving companionship from a new relationship and feels closer to the new partner.

The worst part of emotional infidelity is that people who are involved in such a form of cheating are more likely to be guilt free because there is no sex involved, but even if an affair does not involve sex, it is still an affair!

Having an intimate correspondence with someone either through cell phone or online and maintaining a relationship by whatever means is part of emotional infidelity

Physical Infidelity

In physical infidelity, the person is sexually involved with a person outside his/her committed relationship. In such a situation, the person starts giving physical attention to someone other than his or her partner

Difference between Emotional and Physical Infidelity

The main difference between physical and emotional infidelity is physical contact. In physical infidelity, the person shares a sexual affair outside of his or her existing relationship. On the contrary, in emotional infidelity, people may have met online or known each other over the phone.

For most people there is no difference between emotional and physical infidelity as both of them involve cheating with the partner. Emotional infidelity has the same behavioural component and a similar end result when compared with physical infidelity.

Emotionally cheating is not considered as infidelity by some people. The rationale is that since there is no physical contact, the behaviour can’t be considered cheating.

Some people even opine that a physical affair is not infidelity. For instance, in an interview Karan Johar said that physical affair sometimes ‘gives you a new rigor in your relationship’.