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Causes of Infidelity in Relationship

Infidelity or even the slightest threat of it has fragmented relationships for generations. If either of the couple expresses an interest in another person, the better half would explode to give rise to a relationship crisis. The ground for any good relationship is the bridge of trust that never breaks. Once the trust has been breached, it takes patience and wisdom to repair. We have compiled a set of causes of infidelity.

Lack of communication

Infidelity happens when the needs of an individual in a relationship are not met with adequately. The inability to meet the needs of your partner may rise from the lack awareness of its existence. You must give your partner the platform to express his or her emotions. To know the needs of your partner, consult him or her about the same


Have you been pestering your partner with questions and statements that probably are not true and are your mere assumptions ground on experiences of other individuals? If yes, soon you will be trapped by infidelity. If your partner has not factually done any wrong, you must not repeatedly throw statements at him or her that point otherwise.

Being jealous

The world is inhabited by men as well as women and there is no way your girlfriend or boyfriend will not meet a person of opposite sex. Maintain your composure if your boyfriend or girlfriend talks about having spent time with someone of the opposite sex. Meeting someone does not mean that he or she has the intention of dating them

Considering watching porn a form of infidelity

A lot of women flinch at the idea of their husband or boyfriend watching porn and start telling them to stop watching them, which some men may not like. Understand the fact that he is only watching not doing.


Men are creatures that yearn for excitement in life. Try to make sure that you add a tinge of surprise from time to time. Make yourself a mystery for your husband or boyfriend and he would wait endlessly to be surprised again.