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What Is Infidelity

None of us want to have a cheating spouse or partner. Infidelity is a mean breach of commitment that two people make to each other. Being victim of infidelity is just like mourning over death of a loved one you thought you knew.
Researchers have found out that in a relationship there are 50-50 chances that one partner will have an affair. According to an estimate nearly 30 to 60% of all married couples in America engage in some or the other form of infidelity at some point of their marriage. According to a study infidelity is cause of more than half of the marriages that ended in divorce. Even though, you cannot do anything to undo infidelity but you can surely save your relationship by knowing its causes.

Types of Infidelity

Physical Infidelity: Sexual infidelity (commonly known as adultery and affair) by life partner is one of the common types. Emotional Infidelity: infidelity is not only about having sex out of your relationship. But it is also about trust, disloyalty, lying and betrayal. Emotional infidelity is emotional involvement with some other person that involves romantic love and attention towards someone else.

Signs of Infidelity

Sudden need of Privacy: an increased need of privacy is surely a strong signal of infidelity. A cheating partner becomes more secretive and demands for more space.

Increased concern about personality: Cheating spouse is more likely to become more concerned about his/her looks. You will find him spending most of the time in front of the mirror. So if your husband is wearing extra cologne and checking himself in mirror more than before then he may be trying to impress new partner.

Odd Behaviour: if you notice strange changes in your partner’s behaviour then there may be a reason to it. If your partner has become very possessive about cell phone or not answering calls in front of you and going to separate room to talk them surely something is wrong. Besides this laptop and computers are also relatively new modern conveniences that make infidelity easier to go away with. If your partner is using computer a lot more and changes the screens on your arrival then there is something that you don’t know!

Changing interest: when a person cheats, it is not only the behaviour that changes but the interests changes as well. He/she may start listening to music or watch movie that didn’t interest him in past.