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Signs of Infidelity in Women

Infidelity is assumed to be the work of men but that is not always the case. As in the case of men, even women’s affairs can be emotional or involve physical sex. There are always some signs which you can recognise. After this you can take the next step in trying to confirm your suspicion.

Change of routine

If your wife has always kept the same routine of work but has changed it all of a sudden for apparently no reason. She could be making excuses such as being involved in additional projects, but that should always reflect in an increased pay. If that is not the case, she might well be spending time with her lover.

Change of appearance

A woman indulging in an extra-marital affair is likely to find reason to change her appearance. Be especially alarmed if she has begun to prefer provocative clothing. Moreover, if she was normal enough only the previous month but has now found reason to get manicures, going to the spa, getting a new hair colour, and in general trying for a better appearance, it can be for impressing her new man.

Prolonged inexplicable absence for apparently innocent reasons

A woman having an affair would naturally need time away from home to spend time with the new found amorous interest. So, if your woman is frequenting late night meetings, conferences that last throughout the weekend, or any prolonged absence for flimsy reasons, you have reason to worry. These well might be cover ups for her meetings with another man.

Not being emotionally demanding

A woman who is getting her emotional fulfilment from a different man is likely to withdraw from you. One of the first signs of emotional withdrawal is refusing or not being intent on talking to her husband. If your wife or partner prefers to shut herself up and not communicate with you at all, it could be a telltale sign that she is catching up with another man.

You find new scent on her?

Cheating women can take the perfume of the man they are being intimate with. Male perfume is usually cologne. So, when the wife you suspect of adultery comes home, give her a hug and try to find any trace of a smell of cologne. They may try to explain it away by saying that they saw an old friend or relative, try to watch out for their expression when you reveal this to her. That may well reveal the real story