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Why do Men cheat on their Girlfriends

Men have always been known as more inclined to cheat their partner. Can it be put down as normal or is there something more to it than just genes? There may not be one answer to it and getting to know about this tendency in men is difficult. Is it right to just blame the genes? Men may find it easier to cheat and not let their partner know about it than carry the burden of break up.

A break up can be like release from relationship problems for the partners but what makes two people to be in a relationship without slip-ups from time to time? One can keep getting confused over these questions but if you consider the facts given below, it could give you some sort of insight into what makes men more prone to infidelity than women.

Why do Men cheat on their Girlfriends?

Men lose interest in their partner:

It is easy to give in to the lures of sex with someone other than the girlfriend as she no longer “turns him on”. Gratification of sexual urge is one of the prominent reasons which lead men towards infidelity. He is not looking for a relationship as he has that with his stable girlfriend, but only the gratification of “sex appetite”.

Women allow men to cheat:

Many times men find it easier to cheat because their girlfriend is not strong enough to say no to it. She cannot make up her mind to get out of the relationship and makes up some notion of forgiveness for her man. This only emboldens him to start have a few flings of romance. There are times when a man feels that the opportunity to have easy sex just presented itself too alluringly to be missed. They feel they could get away with it and no one would know of it or just that the temptation was too much to let go.

Ego Boost

Some men find themselves in a situation when they would like to see how they fare in the arena of sexual attraction. Long-term relationship makes them feel unwanted as the girlfriend is bound to get used to him and take him slightly for granted. This arouses in them the craving for the thrill of going after women. Such a motive with the emboldened feeling of “I will never get caught!” makes men chase women again.