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Major Effects of Extra-Marital Affairs

An extra-marital affair brings negative effects and causes unbearable emotional and mental loss involving a myriad of emotions. Cheating by a spouse is a blow to other spouse’s self-esteem, trust, sense of stability and personality. Some major effects of extra-marital affair on an honest spouse in the relationship include:

1. A Blow to Self Esteem

An extra-marital affair of your spouse is like a blow to your self-esteem. In such a situation, the sufferer starts questioning his or her self. Thoughts such as “What was my mistake?”, “What have I done?” start haunting the sufferer. Feeling of being cheated causes emotional and mental imbalance that leads to self-accusation by victim .i.e. he or she blames himself or herself for their spouse’s affair. A victim of extra-marital affair must realise that he or she had not taken the decision to cheat instead his or her spouse broke the sacred vows of marriage to indulge in infidelity

2. Broken Trust

A disloyal spouse kills the trust of the other spouse and makes it difficult for him or her to trust anybody in future. For a victim, getting over from the shock of an extra-marital affair is the toughest thing to do. Entering into another romantic relationship also becomes hard as the victim is more judgmental and cautious this time. Causes of extra-marital affair by ex-spouse become a baggage for the victim, who cannot forget the devastating experience of infidelity and enters into a self-victimisation mode.

3. Lost Stability

Discovering your spouse in an extra-marital affair may turn your world upside down. Life may seem totally shattered and disoriented. Nothing hurts more than a dishonest spouse. Feeling of parting ways with the person, who was once your support system and who gave you all worldly securities can cause an emotional breakdown. The victim feels like nobody and loses his or her inner sense of stability

4. Emotional Breakdown

The major effect of extra-marital affair is emotional breakdown of the victim in which he or she finds himself or herself in a traumatised state. After the end of the relationship, victim usually presses herself or himself to discover the reasons and causes of cheating. It is at this point that self-blame-game starts. After facing infidelity, a victim goes through a roller coaster of emotions and feels negativity all around.

5. Hampers Social Life

Extra marital affair destructs victim’s social life and he or she disconnects from the outside world. He or she forms a different perception of everything and looks differently at his or her job, friends, family and life choices. Perception can be positive or negative, but most victims feel utter despair and loneliness in all the areas of their life. Some find solace in their children while others get emotionally detached from their children.

There can be a number of reasons for cheating and usually, the doer does not pay attention to what it can cause to his or her spouse. Certainly, the effects of extra-marital affair are devastating and victims take a lot of time to heal from the damage caused. To lead a normal life after facing an extra-marital affair, it is better for the victim to work through them