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Dealing with Financial Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most damaging things for a marriage. The bond of trust that is shattered in the relationship is often never mended again. Although financial infidelity is not as serious as your partner having an affair, it presents some problems of trust that are quite similar in nature. Dealing with it requires you to not only develop trust in your partner all over again, but also find out ways to get out of the financial rut that your partner has placed you into.

Here are some ways in which getting out of the emotional and financial infidelity have been found to be easier:

Be more active in dealing with your finances –

If you are the type of spouse who does not like to dabble in the finances of your household, the chances of financial infidelity would obviously be more. That is why you should be more concerned about your expenses and tasks such as paying bills, looking at finance and expense related mails, cross-referencing receipts and statements should be shared between you and your partner.

End the communication gap

Financial infidelity is often the result of something amiss in the relationship. It could be the desire of one of the partners who feels tied down, to experience independence by spending on something that the other partner does not recommend or just spending without informing. If you work on your relationship without fail, it could help you to tide over these issues with relative ease.

Building trust –

Some couples may need to hire the services of a sex therapist or counsellor to get rid of this problem, while some others can manage it on their own. It may invoke feelings of strong resentment in the partner but if you are the one with the problem of unthrifty spending, have the courage to tell this to your partner. If you are one who has been cheated, talk to your partner without assassinating his character. The good thing about financial infidelity is that, despite causing hatred anger, feelings of betrayal and frustration, most of the times it does not lead to a break up.

Put together a new budget

If everything is sorted emotionally, you can look to clear the debt by planning out a new budget. All accounts of both the partners should be made accessible by both, both as a part of financial prudence and an exercise of faith building.