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Can Infidelity cause Divorce

Infidelity is perhaps the single most damaging factor in any relationship. With the society establishing itself as an epitome of modernity, the concept of marriage does not seem to hold any traditional understanding as being holy and precious. Infidelity has therefore seeped into the institution of marriage and has come out to be a common problem that married couples face. Statistics report that over 60% men and 40% women express willingness to participate in an extramarital affair at some point during their marriage.

Infidelity brings about a lot of emotional pain, which may lead to divorce or emotional reconciliation. It is the depth of emotional pain and betrayal that decides the fate of one’s marriage. Here are a few reasons that result in divorce because of infidelity:


Denial is the most common reaction that people give to the news of infidelity in their relationship. Most people tend to slip in to a period of endless thought about whether their husband or wife has actually been unfaithful. It is this repetition of negative and confused thoughts that often forces an individual to sign the divorce papers, finally.


The amount of anger that burns inside one’s mind upon hearing the news of their partner being unfaithful is perhaps uncontrollable to the extent that some start throwing extreme negative banter on their partner in public. Anger is one emotion that goes on an overdrive and surpasses all the other fears of facing the consequences of a divorce.


Feeling rejected is the last thing one expects in a relationship irrespective of whether it is marriage or a romantic relationship. Upon rejection, one’s self-esteem hits an all time low. While some may turn to their family and friends for relief, others would prefer starting life afresh. If once you feel rejected, there is hardly a chance for you to feel loved again

Lack of communication

If you have been unfaithful to your partner, there is no way you are going to be given the platform to communicate. Your partner will not show interest in hearing the cause of your actions. This lack of communication as a result of infidelity can give birth to divorce. Lack of communication prior to being unfaithful can also be linked to your actions that result in divorce. Individuals usually look beyond their relationship when they are not satisfied with something in their existing relationship. If either partner understands the importance of communication, it is possible to stop one of them from turning away to someone else and therefore, save the marriage