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Kamasutra Sex Positions

Kamasutra is one of the most ancient and renowned sex manuals, explaining ‘the art of making love’. Sex manual puts forth various aspects of love making, pertaining to art of pleasure oriented faculties and state of love.[Read: Love Teachings of Kamasutra]

In all, a total of 64 kamasutra sexual positions were explained by Vatsyayana in Kamasutra. According to him, there are eight methods of making love, each encompassing eight positions. [Read: Kamasutra Positions for Healthy Sex Life]

Segregated into various chapters, kamasutra sex explains stimulating erotic desire, the artful scratching, superior coitus, embracing, patting and caressing. Among other aspects of art of love making, such as biting, copulating, blows-and-sighs, love game and virile behaviour in women, are also detailed in the literary work.

Twining of a Creeper

In this position, woman clings on to a man just like a creeper twining tree. Bending his head, man bends towards her with a desire to kiss. Thereafter, both of them embrace each other while looking lovingly towards each other.

Climbing of a Tree

Woman places one of her feet on the foot of the partner, while the other one rests on his thighs. Thereafter, she places one of her arms round his back and the other on his shoulder. In this manner, she climbs up to him just like climbing a tree to have a kiss.

Mixture of Sesamum Seed with Rice

In this kamasutra sex position, man and woman lie on a bed, embracing each other very closely. Arms and thighs of one are winded by the arms and thighs of other.

Mixture of Milk and Water

Woman sits on the lap of man in this position, or in front of him. This position exhibits love chemistry between partners, who don’t think of any pain or hurt while embracing each other as if they have merged with each other. [Read: 7 Most Pleasurable Sex Positions]

Highest Congress

In highest congress kamasutra sex position, woman places her thighs with her legs doubled up while engaging in sexual pursuit. This position is also referred to as ‘position of Indrani'.

Splitting of a Bamboo

Woman positions one of her legs on man's shoulder, and stretches the other out for a sexual intercourse. Similarly, she does it for other leg on the course of sexual activity.

Packed Position During sexual pursuit, one thigh is raised and positioned on the other.

Supported Congress

In a supported congress kamasutra sex position, man and a woman use a support like a wall or a pillar during sexual activity.

Crab's Position

Legs of woman are contracted and placed on her stomach during the sexual activity.