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Have Sex the Kamasutra Way

The important part of having sex the kamasutra way is that the man should keep his bedroom decorated with flowers, fragrant with perfumes, and he shall invite his woman into this setting. She should come after having taken a proper bath and dressed well. She should be asked to take refreshment and drink to her heart’s content. The first advance from the man should be to ask the woman to sit on his left side and hold her hair.

After doing away with inhibitions if any, start touching the end knot of her dress, and gently hold her in an embrace with the right arm. They should then go ahead with entertaining conversations on any subject that they find interesting or arousing, given the context. The talks should involve suggestions of things that are considered coarse, or more or less forbidden for openly mentioning in society. They can follow this up with singing, with or without gesticulations. Musical instruments can be played, talks about the arts can ensue, and all this with a persuasion for each other to drink. This would keep arousing the woman with love and desire for her consort, till the time when she is overcome with emotion.

This is the time when the man should dismiss the other people in his room. They should be given parting gifts of sorts such as flowers, ointments and betel leaves. When the two are left alone, they should proceed as described in more graphic sections of the Kamasutra.

This should be the beginning of love making according to Kamasutra. It also has instructions on how to end your act. The lovers should become modest at the end of their act, go separately to their washrooms without even looking at each other. They can come back, sit together and enjoy betel leaves. The man should proceed to apply soothing ointment on the woman’s body such as pure sandal wood ointment.

The lovers may also get themselves seated on the terrace of a palace or house, revel in the moonlight, and carry on a conversation amicably and amusingly. At this time, things can be made more interesting, if the woman lies in the man’s lap, with her face towards the skies, the man should show her the various planets, the polar star, the morning star, and the Great Bear, or seven Rishis. This is the end of the engaging sexual union.