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Is it Bad to Have a One Night Stand

This is a question with many aspects pertaining to value systems of different societies around the world. In some countries, it would be looked upon with horror of moral decadence while in others; it is the done thing. Regardless of the prevalent culture of a particular society, there have always been men and women quite open as well as absolutely rigid to the idea of one-night stand.

Some typical reactions of people who don’t mind one-night stands

Do it if you are sane enough to wear the cap – Some people would insist that it is alright if you protect yourself from STDs or chance of pregnancy.

Ok if no cheating involved – There are those who approve it if both the people are honest about what they want. That means if none of them is in a committed relationship or if neither of them has lied about being interested in a relationship with the other.

Some people permit occasional casual sex just for the heck of it.

Seeking sexual adventure does not mean disbelief in family values – There are a few who would insist that they believe in family values of sticking together with each other but reject the idea of being chaste.

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Reactions of people against one-night stands

Hygiene – “You would use the toothbrush of a person you just met, how can you be ready to exchange body fluids?” This is a typical retort of people who are against one-night stand and this stands to reason. Whatever may be the protection used, these people find it simply too yucky to indulge in letting the private parts get in touch with an unknown person.

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Family Values – This is one of the most unanimously accepted disapproval against one-night stands. Being faithful to one’s spouse is upheld and respected in every society of the world. Some may want to argue that their one-off thing did not influence the relation with the spouse or committed partner but even that is considered avoidable and not the “done” thing.v Religious Beliefs – All religions eulogise the idea of abstinence and chastity, some more than others. Some form of after-life punishment is always put before the devotees to dissuade them from letting slip. But, invariably, it is the possibility of punishment in this life (problems in marital life) that has more impact in making people stay away from one-night stands.