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One Night Stand: Chances of Contracting HIV

Chances of contracting HIV with just a single one-night stand are very low. If we take the case of US, you would find that chances of becoming HIV positive with a one-night stand are as low as 1 out of 500. With close to 300 million people in USA, more than 950,000 known infections, and most importantly 56,300 new infections each year, the odds are in your favour.

Moreover, even if you happened to have sex with an HIV positive partner, you are more likely to be free of infection. A research done on the same found a 0.82 percent chance of contracting AIDS after having unprotected sex with an HIV positive partner. So far so good, but you should not test your fate frequently. This information should comfort you if you have had one-night stand by mistake and should not give you an excuse to keep trying your luck with one-off flings. This is because there is another statistic more relevant for those who would rather try their luck with unprotected sex.

More than 18,000 people die of AIDS every year in the USA and this figure is growing with each proceeding year. More than 700,000 people have died of AIDS since the epidemic began and there are more than a million people living with the disease in the country. So, it is advisable to avoid unprotected sex as it makes you prone to get the dreaded infection. If you are married, stay faithful and if you are single, do not indulge in unprotected sex and get married. Abstaining from it now would only make you enjoy more after marriage!

By analysing the statistics of USA, one can get an idea of how one-night stands increase the chances of contracting this infection. Straight people can still expect themselves to be safer than gay, bisexuals or men with homosexual tendencies. Heterosexuals still continue to be under threat. So, the best way to protect yourself from an HIV infection is to check for the HIV status of your partner before or after unprotected sex, of course preferably before.

If the concern of HIV is pressing on your mind after having a one-night stand, get in touch with your partner and know about his/her status. This would relieve your mind from risk of catching the dreaded disease.