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How to Hide an Affair at Work

To think of it, you spend at least nine hours of your day with people in office, for some other challenging jobs people even spend the entire night at work. What is the possibility of falling in love with your co-worker? You may say you have the ability to restrain but love never asks for your permission; a love affair can happen at the drop of a hat

The problem with having an affair at work is that if you get caught, there is a high possibility of getting sacked. The possibility increases if the two of you or at least one of you is married. Thus, being on guard is very important, love is fine but not at the cost of your life or work.

Be Safe – The most important thing is to be on the safe side: do not start romancing in office and even if you do communicate though text messages and instant messages, do not smile all the time. Also do not look at your lover on the office floor from a distance to see her reaction. You are in a set up where most people are bothered about what’s happening around them. Rumour has it all?

Do not mix work and play – Do not mix up work and play. Never get physically intimate in office hours. Always dedicate your office hours for work. Stealing kisses, rubbing against each other in the elevator or caressing legs and hands on the sly should never happen. Such things can surely be very exciting and more over intimavy is very much required. But by doing this at office hours you will be placing the two of you in danger. Restrain from close physical proximity in office. Also if you get cozy with her at office hours there is a high possibility that you will smell like your lover and vice versa. Perfumes never lie, you know!

Plan – Planning is very important. You may want to have lunch together, but you need to be aware of how you go about it. Do not leave together or come back together. Do not visit such a place where your co-workers are always visiting. Most importantly, do not ever book a room at lunch time, save that for the night or some time else; it better not be office hours.

Friends and Foes – You may be desperate to tell your close friends at work about it, but do not give into that urge. An office is a place where words spread fast, your friends mean no harm but it is still dangerous to let out a single word about it. Also, there is a possibility that one of your friends had liked her once and the two of you spoke about her with a collective interest. Now what? Now you have her and he doesn’t. Jealousy dear reader is a poisonous thing to harbour. Do not help in bringing that out.

The idea is to be as safe as you can during the working hours. Do not let your guard down and just simply hide your love away.