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Effective Communication Skills for Good Relationships

Do you want to convert your relationship into a long-lasting one? The closest bid is to develop effective communication skills. Communication is the backbone of a successful relationship. Besides being compatible to your partner, you should realise that communicating effectively with them is all-important to build trust.

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Here are a few tips to help you develop or hone your communication skills for a lasting relationship with your partner.

Listening carefully – Effective listening is a key for better communication. Even if you have something serious to say, wait until your partner finishes talking. Your partner will talk to you freely when he/she realises that you are listening.

Expressing yourself clearly – Besides speaking and listening to your partner effectively, you must also be able to convey whatever is in your mind. Keep an eye contact with your partner as this will imply to your partner that you are listening. Expressing yourself clearly will help you avoid confusion, miscommunication and many other problems in your relationship.

Thinking spontaneously –Spontaneity in terms of addinghumour, kindness and affection in your conversations with your partner will not just improvise them but make them more interesting.

Talking variety – The topics of discussion will become limited after a couple has been together for a while. Make sure that there is variation in whatever you talk.. You may talk about world events, current affairs, friends, movies and common interests so that the conversation remains fresh.

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Observing Non-verbal cues – Paying attention to your partner’s actions, observing their speech tone, body movements and volume will enable you know their current state of mind.

Two-way communication – If you’re doing everything right, you also need to make sure that your partner does the same. A successful communication is always a two-way process with both the sides equally engaged with one another. You may involve your partner into the dialogue by asking questions, knowing their opinion on issues, etc. [Read: 5 Essential Communication Skills]

In a nutshell, to understand your partner, you will have to know what they are thinking. Don’t worry about how things were in the past. Start afresh and develop the necessary communication skills to stay close and together.