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Ways to Deal with Your Woman's Nagging

A woman is a mother, she is a lover, she is a wife, she is a sister, and she is also a dear friend; thus, enacting many characters in your life. These characters have one thing very much in common, the ability to nag their way to anything, women are also the nagging spirit that pushes men to the extreme. So much so that life begins to fade in the grasp these demigods.

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Here are some ways to deal with your woman’s nagging:

Just Agree

Agreeing to her complaints is important; this is a very effective way in which you can temporarily pause the episode of nagging. Agreeing to her complaints will also make you a more agreeable fellow in her eyes, which is certainly a nice thing, as you really don’t want to be in the bad books of a woman, it simply hurts!

Act like Nothing Happened

This is dangerous, and yet a very fruitful trick when your mother or guardian is in a nagging mode. All you can do is be on your own in your room and listen to some music and relax. This will work as a breather. There could be two consequences: either she will break open the door or she will just keep quiet, so you need to pray for the latter. The trick; however is to come out from your hiding and show up behaving like nothing was wrong.

Be Alert

This is the best thing that you can do, if your mother, sister or wife is nagging you to clean up your room, you just need to do it. This of course means giving in to the demigods wishes, but hey, isn’t peace a wonderful thing? So, attack her by doing the things you never did before and got nagged for, like coming home late, leaving the dishes dirty, not lending a helping hand in the house hold works, and of course not giving her much time. Then watch her smile, probably the broadest that you will ever see.

Pick Her Faults

A demigod is no God, so attack (not physical abuse) her when she is nagging you about something. Point it out in the most casual manner, because if she gets angry then there has to be another way of dealing with it. Try and reason with her about her nagging behavior, but never must you say that she is a nagger; a woman can bear the placard of being pathetic, but never a nag.

Give Peace a Chance

Make peace by being the sweetest guy around her.If she is your mother then just give her a big hug, and help her with some household work! She will go about telling this tale to everyone she meets for the rest of her life; a mother always feels touched at such times. If she is your sister then go ahead and burn a hole in your wallet and buy her something, and if lover or wife, then, dinner, dance and bed in chronological order!

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Women, they are complicated creatures, but do not think much about it, as Oscar Wilde said it right, “Women are made to be loved, not understood”. No, we are not anti-feminists, so may peace be upon you men.