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Tips to Stop Women from Nagging

They say, “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”; and this explains a major trait in women, i.e., nagging. They can nag you to be a success, they can nag you to fall in love ,they can nag you to do anything, and everything. Most of all, they nag to have their way. It can drive one crazy, to the point that you will almost want to sever ties with all of womanhood. But, the fact is that women are like the oasis in a deserted ruin, you cannot avoid them.

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So here, we will try and make your life easy by letting a few secrets on how to stop them from nagging you

Let it be

The most effective thing for you to do is to let it be when you are getting nagged and ragged. Do not play offensive at such times; try various defense mechanisms since these will not worsen the situation in hand. Remember, women always love to have the last word, so you arguing with her would mean starting a vicious cycle. Let her have her say, and reply only in an objective manner; you will things will get better slowly.

Agree to Disagree

One of the best things to do when the woman is going bonkers on something is to just agree with her. There is no better way to stop her from nagging you; if she says pink is the new black and that you should get pink shirts for yourself, and then you should do it, for the love of god, just do it before you go mad with the whistles blowing in your head. Well, the only positive thing in this is that you will disagree with her from deep within, gladly, she will never know.


If your woman is always in a nagging mode, then in that case you will need to reconsider your stance on the communication front. Try and understand what is wrong? If she is nagging you it means she is expressing herself in a negative way (could have a hidden positive implication), and you must try to find out the reason for it. The best way in which you can find out the reason for such a behaviour is by initiating a conversation with her when she is in a good mood. Try to reason out with her and this way you can make things better.