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How to Have Multiple Relationships

People have turned love into a twisted affair; it is selfish, one of the most demanding of relationships. In love, ‘you’ can only be ‘mine’, and all you ever do will be for ‘me’, all you ever say should be for ‘me’, and all you ever love would be ‘me’. You dear friend, however, are a divine creature, and you need to learn how to handle multiple relationships.

Remove the Doubt: Relationships are full of hopes, and to have multiple relationships would mean that your level of dedication is bound to rise. You can keep it simple by letting the concerned people know that your relationship with them isn’t exclusive. This way you will not have to befall into the zone of selfish love, and can thus continue this with a casual tone to it.

Treat them individually: You must never try to compare one relationship with the other, as this could create problems. You are not expected to discuss other relationships with another as this could give rise to jealousy or annoyance, this way you are respecting every person and are not putting any unnecessary pressure onto them.

Safe Sex: We believe you are having the time of your life in the love making zone too, but, it is of utmost priority to keep the sex safe. You are in the most casual relationship someone can ever be in, be sure to keep it safe, or else you will be jeopardising the lives of more than one person, including yours.

Morality: It is no secret that your morally oblivious soul has no place for remorse, but try and keep that little bit of morality that is hanging at the edge of the cliff there. Do not play tricks with anyone, do not get into the relationships with lies, do not promise the proverbial future, or anything that would give the other person hope. You must remember that the only hope in such a relationship is the surety of a good night’s sex, more than this is considered false.

Coping with the Bait: You can assure yourself that at least one of your many lovers would try and impress you to the best of his or her ability. If you fall for this bait, then you have all the rights to get into a serious relationship, but be sure to do so only after notifying the other people. By notifying we do not mean a Facebook notification, a text message or even a phone call, you have to meet in person and discuss the matter in hand.

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Forget the lectures and clichés about being with that special one, we say, you are the hero of this story, make it different, after all, all is fair in love and war, especially if you believe in sharing love.