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Getting your Sex Life Back on Track

Do not be a mere spectator, turn on your game plan and get sex back on track. There may come a time in your over-stressed life when sex would feel like a duty, sexual gratification may take a u-turn and everything will be like the life of plain Jane or average Joe. Somewhere along the line it all got lost, it just went away, that burning passion no more shows and your sex life has gone off track. It is so off track that chances are that you may get disqualified from the game of sex, and then you can just stand and watch the winners with their arms spread open, smiling and feeling good.

Find Time for Each Other

Imagine you have just met a girl and spent a lot of time together; now, at one point of time that question arises, yes, the question of having sex. So, you will have to do the same here; spend time together, meet more often, and while the two of you are staring at each other’s eyes before lunch is served, you will know. You will know that those eyes have more to it, and the only way to find that out is by getting closer.

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Self-esteem Issues

If you think you are not up to the mark for some sweet loving, try to change that thought. Make sure you do all that you can in order to boost your confidence level. Hit the gym and shed the kilos (if overweight or gain if you need some flesh on the bones), go to the salon more often, get a body wax, change your wardrobe and do whatever you can in your capacity. We, do not however, want you to change so drastically that you do not recognise yourself , instead, just up that self esteem in whichever way you can.

Tired? Who says Sex is only a Night Thing!

One of the complaints of married couples is that they get tired after work and as soon as the needle sits at 10, they crawl under the blanket. Perhaps you need a change in your time table. Mark 9 P.M. with a nice dinner after work and 10 P.M. for foreplay (which may or may not lead to sex, but keeps the interest alive). And if your old self is really unmovable, then go to sleep grand pas and grand mas, just make sure you wake up fresh and fine. Because then, it calls for a quickie! Do not make excuses about getting late for work, just club the two, make out while bathing and voila! one of your fantasies fulfilled, right there.

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Remember the Better Times

One of the most prominent ways in which you can solve any inhibitions about sex that you may be having is through communication. Talk and find out why your sex life has gone off the track. Hold each other’s hands and think of the good times you have had, try and find out what makes your sexual experience bitter lately? Is it because of something that you do not like to do in bed or is it something else? And, do not forget to give it another try in between the conversation for the good times’ sake!

To have a good sex life would mean to be at peace. Do not think too much, just go ahead and make things better.