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Things Girls Should Never Say to a Guy

•Guys and girls are in a whole different scenario every time they are with a new date or on a date. Guys don’t take beating all the time to bear a girl’s remarks and continue to date them. Whether you have been in a relationship with a guy for a while now or are dating him for the first time, you need to avoid a few things to make him stay.

Next time you date a guy, avoid saying:

‘My ex was such a loser’ – Don’t make comparisons straight away. You’re not in a date to discuss about your past relationships, woes or someone you’ve got over with. So, never say ‘my ex did the same thing or my ex used to do the same’. If you really love your ex and his ways of doing things, why are you dating a new guy? If you do find some resemblance in your date to your ex, keep it to yourself.

‘You’re like a brother’ – If you say ‘you’re like a friend or more than a friend’, it still makes sense, but, if you tell him that he is 'like a brother', it will definitely annoy him.

‘She is a bitch or she is double-dating, don’t tell anyone’ – Is he your gossip friend? Don't tell him your secrets even if he seems interested. He surely is not.

‘When we're married, we...’ – You guys have just met or have been dating only for a while now and you’re already daydreaming about the wedding bliss? Such remarks of happily-ever-after could scare him. So, don’t let such fantasies leak out.

‘Is she pretty?’ – It seems like you are testing your date by bombarding such questions. If he answers yes, you'll only be jealous or upset. Alternatively, if he answers no, you will call him a liar.

‘I hate my hair or ....’ – He must have found you attractive, the reason of him being with you. If you keep talking about what you like or don’t. it will make him think that you’re insecure or that you want him to notice all your features. If there is a flaw that he didn’t notice, making him notice won’t do any good to you. ‘I hate your friend/family/roommate’ – If your date is facing some problems getting along with near ones for the time being, don’t tell him to hate them more or that you hate them too. Don’t make the ‘hate’ remark, ever.