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What Girls Always Notice on a Date

The adage “first impression is the last impression” works best perhaps when you are on a date. If you haven’t taken this seriously or put it to test yet, it is perhaps time to. If a girl is attracted to you the first time she meets you, there is a chance you will grab more dates with her. What if she isn’t? May be you should go back in time and correct that first date you had with her and look forward to a new one. Take a look at what girls always notice in a man on a date.

What you are Wearing

Have you even thought what made girls go weak in the knees every time they saw Rahul Khanna? Well, it was not only because he was smart and witty, but because he was always dressed impeccably. A lot of men think that the kind of clothes one wears is only a woman’s worry, but this does not stand any chance to win, especially if one is hoping to get a date. To charm a woman, a man must dress well. Dressing well does not, however, imply wearing something without even weighing how well one looks in it or whether he can carry it in style or not. Every time you go on a date from now on make sure that you put a thought into what you should wear.

How you are Groomed

Even though a girl may be attracted to your sense of humour, she wouldn’t really go on a date with you if you have an unkempt appearance. Make sure that you groom yourself if you wish that the ladies notice you. Make sure that you have a well shaped beard or a clean shaven look, clean nails, etc before you head out for the date. All these factors add to your personality making you look attractive.

How Confident you are

Confidence shows in your body language i.e. in the way you walk, carry yourself, your posture, the way you look at your date, etc. Therefore, exude confidence on your date by being your best in the way you walk, talk or just sit. If you are a shy person, work on building your confidence.

The above mentioned factors are the first things that a girl notices about a man. If you work on these aspects, you will never fall short on the ladies you want to date.