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Questions to Ask on a Date

You are going on a date with the person you have always wanted to go out with. The person sitting across the table is probably your dream song and you don’t want to spoil the whole thing by letting in some untimed tune, or by asking something that will annoy the other person. So play it simple, don’t get complicated and ask questions that would delight either delight or bring him/her into melancholia. Remember humans are boiling with emotions and to let them out is a sure way in.

5 questions that would be apt for a date:

Childhood -Childhood is the land which the two of you must have visited many years back. Your approach to this land will of course vary and there is no doubt that it was different for the both of you. But everyone misses their childhood mostly for good reasons and to talk about that is a very safe thing to do. So what it was like growing up there? This question can never be a wrong question. Remember a date is where you get to know a person and this is sure enough a getting to know question. If he or she does not want to talk about it then don’t press on the matter, some people have a rough childhood!

Interests - Try and get to know what he or she like? What are the kinds of music, movies, books, poems or anything under the earth! This is another getting to know question. Moreover, this is that type of question which will give you a fair idea about the other person’s lifestyle and thought process. Remember, people only like things that are close to the way they are. Interests are a sure way of knowing the other person well, only if he or she is not a phony though!

Friends – People always light up when they talk about their friends. They like talking about how stupid they are, how nice they are, how talented they are and everything else. Basically you will have to let the other person talk a lot when you are asking such a question. This will bring in a lot of enthusiasm in the other person and will make him or her very excited. Trust me, when it comes to friends we all have a million of them to talk about.

Stupid Trivia – Yes, you have to play along in this game of date. Ask all sort of stupid trivia, do you sing? What are you afraid of? Do you have any phobia? Do you watch stand up comedies? You know this happened to me, did it happen to you? You basically have to ask a lot of those little questions, but don’t try to dig in too deep or persist on something he or she doesn’t want to say.

Relationship talks – Yes you can ask her relationship questions but very nonchalantly. Don’t try and pest about how his or her lover was like or when and how they had their first kiss. You should actually be more worried about your first kiss.

Always remember to keep the conversation going and never let it die. And please listen to the other person intently. Listening is a virtue dear friend.