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How to Approach a Girl

By the way, there is only one pick up line, everything else is cheesy”. And then walking up to a girl he asks, “What’s your name?” The ‘he’ in question here is Ashton Kutcher and the film I am referring to is, Spread. But unless you have history of dating someone like Demi Moore and the reputation of being incredibly attractive, this is not going to work. So, what is it that you should do when approaching a girl? What is the correct way? How can you serenade someone with your first impression? Well, first it’s important to understand what kind of a girl you are approaching. Analyse all the pros and cons and then go for the kill.

There is no easier way to say this but this topic is actually rocket science. Am sorry I cannot lie but women are a tad bit complex when it comes to matters of the heart.

Prince Charming Approach – I remember a friend of mine asking a girl he just saw at a club her name to which she said, “that is none of your business”. Now, generally a man would usually walk away sheepishly, feeling embarrassed and low on self esteem. But the charmer that he was, he replied, “Really? That long? Is that your real name?” Well, his reply was followed by a beautiful smile and then an exchange of phone numbers. Play the prince Charming and it can work most times, but don’t be stuck up, be witty in your replies and try and look interested in her.

The Nonchalant Approach- Yes, you read it right. You are nonchalant but you are actually approaching her. It’s pretty easy actually. You just need to be caught in her eyes. For example, she is sitting in a coffee shop and reading a book. You just need to pass a comment on the book in a very nonchalant way. Or about the coffee! Just take the nearest table to hers and take your time, don’t just walk right up. Take it slow. Also, always remember to contradict her first statement, whatever it may be. A great coffee table conversation is one that is full of different views, if you both agree that T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land is a post World War II reflection then what happens to the conversation! It ends, so no! Get it going!

The Love Struck Romeo Approach- Just walk in and tell her, “You belong to me I believe”. She won’t like you for it but she cannot avoid you too. Remember Romeo? He climbed buildings and balconies to meet Juliet. Yes the exact approach that Ryan Gosling has in the epic lovey-dovey flick, The Notebook. You may even get a slap, but come on you are the Romeo! It's either her or no one. So, get your game on and in English band Dire Straits’ words, get ready to “sing the streets a serenade”