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Signs He’s Interested in You

Your date might be giving out signs that he’s interested in you and the only thing you must do is keep your eyes and ears open and navigate through all of it. Pick up some cues and crack the code he is conveying to you through his body language.

Here is what he can do to show his interest in you.

He’ll Lean Forwards

While sitting at a coffee table if he leans forwards to talk to you it shows that he’s into you. Metaphorically this means that he would like to know you more and wants to get closer to you.

He’ll lock his gaze with yours

If he’s interested in you he will definitely try and lock his gaze with yours. To reciprocate you can return it with a quiet smile and let him know that you’re interested in seeing him more often. You’ll see that he’ll be on your side in no time. Look out for signs such as a raised brow, parted lips, flared nostrils and wide eyes. These show that is open to take the relationship to next level.

He’ll touch and tell

It is needless to say that he will want to touch you at the drop of a hat. It could be a incidental brushing with your shoulder, arm or knee as long as it is affectionate. It is his way of letting you know that he likes you.

He’ll check you out and let you know too

He will look at you not secretly though. Don’t fool yourself because he must have checked you out before giving in to the temptation of wanting to go out on a date with you.

He’ll listen to you

When he listens to you while you talk it apparently means you have caught his attention. For a man to keep quiet and really listen to you he must be surely in love with you.

He can’t hide his nervous energies

Look out for signs such as sweaty palms, nervous laughter, and constant fidgeting. Men always want to be in control and could make an excuse for their nervous behaviour. Isn’t it obvious that you’re making him nervous and excited at the same time? Help him relax!

He’ll try to grab you attention

He’ll do every little thing from fiddling with his tie, pulling his socks, messing his hair, stand with his hands on his waist (to accentuate his physical size) , touch his face a lot , stroke his cheek, touch his ears and rub his chin. If you notice him doing any of it know that he’s hinting at the fact that he’s interested in you.

Hope these tips help you realise if he is that much into you! Remember to also look out for faking too as there are men who are excellent in doing it. Good luck!