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Communication Tips for a First Date

A lot of people are intimidated by the very idea of going out for a date. Primarily because they’re anxious about what should they be talking about. Now, communication is essentially a very important in order to know someone better. And, your first date is an opportunity to strike instant connection. Here are a few communication tips for a date.

About Work

If you are working then you can talk about your future plans and ask them about theirs. Try not be intruding in their career ambitions though. Keep the conversation as neutral as you can. Don’t let your opinions weigh down theirs. It will be a major turn off.

About Family

Ask your date about their family. A simple question as what do their parents do or whether tha=ey have siblings can be a topic around which you can weave a conversation. Share experiences of childhood which are definitely intriguing for the opposite sex.

About Music

Now that you’re out on a date, you probably also must have tried knowing something about her/him. What better way to begin but on a musical note. You could ask them about what genres of music they or which is their favourite artist or band. And, if you want to win an extra point you could discuss the lyrics of the song.

About Sports

You must do some homework at least (to say the minimum) and try finding out if your date likes a particular sport. Some can be sports fanatic so when you discuss about it (make sure you know enough already) half the battle is won. Pretending to know too much may make you appear a fool to them. So be intelligent and play smart.

About Food

If you’re out on a date over a cup of coffee you could get hints to plan your subsequent date by discussing about food. Ask them about their favourite cuisine. This could also tell you whether they love going out (being a foodie) or are they stay-at-home sort of people (not much experimental).

About Movies

Everybody watches movie so this can as well be a topic of conversation. Discuss about the genre of movies you like (horror, sci-fi, rom-coms, action or comedy), who you’re favourite actor, director is. This helps give an insight to your date (as much as it gives about them) about what sort of a person you are.

Apart from the conversation you must wear a confident body language because a combination of your oratory skills and confident body language will win your date’s heart. There could be something promising in store for you. Wish you luck!