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How to Use Your Body Language to Flirt

Ever felt like conveying to someone you just saw that you are interested? It often happens that you look at someone across the room and feel like meeting him/her right away. Well, your body language can do well what you cannot do overtly, i.e. flirt. Learn some cues of body language to flirt to let the person you are interested know about it. And if the person flirts back, you have got what you wanted!

Flirt with your eyes

One of the best ways of flirting is maintaining eye contact. If done for around 5 seconds, the person you are interested in would get the idea. This tactic is highly effective and yet, the easiest. Experts on human behaviour have stated that on an average, you need to flirt for 5 seconds by making eye contact. They say that by doing this thrice, the person you are flirting with would respond.

Smile at the person

Smiling is also a great way of getting a person interested in you. But for this, you do need to be introduced. At times, a warm and gentle smile happens naturally. If you have the ability to reproduce that at will, it would work great. When you have initiated the flirt with eye contacts and made the person flirt back, this is the time to smile. A warm smile can open the door of his/her heart. But you need to ensure that your smile is genuine and does not look like a grimace.

Eyebrow raising act

Eyebrows can be very useful in conveying what you want to a person. Learn what the various ways of raising eyebrows mean individually, and you would know how to connect with anyone. For example, raising the right eyebrow means that you want to tell the other person that you are interested in him/her. By raising both eyebrows together, you imply “Are we thinking on the same lines?”

Flirt by pointing indirectly at the person

You do not have to use the finger to point at a person. If you shift your body towards the person, even this means pointing, albeit indirectly. Some of the ways of indirect pointing are facing your feet in the direction of your flirt interest, and leaning the shoulders towards them. You can face your shoulders towards them too, or crossing the legs towards in a way that it points towards the person.

If you want to flirt, the tips given here are not hard and fast rules. You can bring on a lot of innovations in your methods. If you are interested, something might happen on its own that shows that you want to flirt to your flirt interest.