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What is Cyber Relationship?

Owing to various communication channels because of the World Wide Web (www), it has become significantly easier to talk online and make friends without having to meet anyone. There are chat rooms, social websites and emails to befriend people all over the globe. With such liberty on the internet, establishing a romantic relationship with one you haven’t even met is not surprising. Not only has cyber space given you the chance to get into a relationship, but it has also given an opportunity to make thousands of friends.

Cyber space has made it easier for people to reveal their darkest secrets and share their worries with folks who may be strangers. Cyber relationships are so compelling that sometimes, they are valued more than actual relationships and seem more emotionally real and alive. This makes cyber relationships more tempting and people usually indulge in such relationships with anonymity. People in cyber relationships usually get started with mutual admiration for a thing only to become an emotional support to each other later and get drawn into a rapid self-disclosure mode.

With an increasing frequency of online dating, some vital considerations should not be neglected.

1. The person you are talking to online may be lying about his identity. People online are found to usually lie about their looks, age, family background, marital status and profession. Some people even lie about their gender. On the internet, it is hard to judge a person on the basis of his/her email account, which may be fake. Cyber relationships do not offer any assurance about a person. Therefore, the information given to you may be fabricated.

2. Discontinuing your cyber relationship will be best in your favour if your online partner is reluctant to meet you. If he/she does not show signs of taking the online relationship to an offline mode, it is a clear indication that the person is a fraud. In such a case, continuing your relationship will be pointless.

3. Restrain from developing any feeling of love for your online friend. Exchanging emails and messages with that person does not guarantee any certainty about his/her character and motives. Without a face-to-face meeting with the person, he/she will always remain a mystery. Admiring that person won’t harm you, but a romantic relationship with him/her may cause you an emotional setback, especially if the person turns out to be a swindler.

4. Even with its demerits, cyber relationships are safe as they possess no danger of sexual exploitation, pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease. Before starting a cyber relationship, do not forget to consider the aforementioned tips.