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Tips to Spend a Romantic Night with Your Man

• Keen on spending a romantic night with your man? Well, you don’t have to wait for a special occasion to plan a romantic night for both of you. With plethora of ideas available on internet, you can surely circle on one. But are you well prepared to make the night memorable and everlasting? If you are spending the night together, it sure is special, but to make it even more special, your preparations must be exclusive. Browse through the given tips to spend a marvellously romantic night with your man.

Think beyond the cliché’— Are you still stuck on the idea of having a candlelight dinner at the pool side? Well, it is a centennial idea and may not surprise your man at all. To decide on the place for the romantic night, first know what your man prefers i.e. if he would like spending time at home, at the theatre, party at his favourite night club or a night out. You can have a usual conversation with him and know his preference instead of telling him about the date.

Keep it a Secret— Who said surprises are only meant for woman? Well, let me tell you that men do enjoy being surprised or pampered. Don’t tell him about your plans of spending a romantic night together, but make sure he is free during the planned time.

Kids, please! — Kids accompanying you for the date? No, never! Arrange a babysitter for kids or leave them at their grandparents’ home for a few hours. Make sure that your romantic night date doesn’t turn up into a family outing. Plan in advance and ask the babysitter to come to your place in the evening so that you don’t have any kids’ related disturbances in the middle of the date.

Dress up for the Date— Shop before the D-day. Get yourself a fabulous dress of his favourite colour. Try some exotic makeup or a new hairstyle, but do not go over the board. You love dressing and so does he! While you’re purchasing a dress for yourself, gift him a shirt or suit.

Get it checked before the date—If you’ve planned a romantic night at a hotel room, check it with the hotel in the morning and see if you can check in the room before he comes. You can also ask the hotel staff to decorate the room or you can do it by yourself. Make sure your room has a bottle of wine or champagne to uplift the mood of the night.