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How to Attract a Woman’s Attention

Want to grab a woman’s attention? Wondering how to make the first move to her? You’ve landed on the right place. Attracting a woman’s attention does require a charming personality and appealing looks, so here are some tips to help you sweep a woman off her feet.

The Warm Up Session

If you’ve to make a lasting impression on a woman’s mind, you’ve to stand out in her mind from other guys. Just as you may have tens of women around you seeking your attention, a woman may also have tens of men seeking her attention. To win an edge over all your counterparts, you surely need to find a space in her good books, but before going for the kill, have you read the master guide on how to approach a girl? Do you know the correct way of approaching a girl? If you don’t, here is something you wish you knew earlier. The first step to grabbing a girl’s attention is to know what kind of woman you are ‘eyeing’ for. If you know what you want, you would be better off.

Befriend her

A woman would hardly show any interest in you if you remain a stranger to her, thus try to make an entry into her friends’ circle. Hanging out with her and her friends will let you learn more about her, thereby setting clues for you to figure out the right approach to get closer to her. Compliment her personality, but be genuine instead of flattering so much that she puts you off. A woman can get intimate with a guy provided she knows and trusts him well, but you lose points if you are clingy or try to stalk every move she makes.

Look your Best

The first thing a woman notices in a man is his personal hygiene and grooming. To win over all other men wanting her attention a good score at grooming and appearance is certainly the need of the hour. A dowdy look and body odour will surely put her off and your chances of grabbing her attention. As they say, ‘first impression is the last impression’, it is extremely important to maintain a good level of personal hygiene and looks to pull out the best of you in front of her.

Are you Mr. Confident or Mr. Arrogant?

Women can be won over by confidence and chivalry. You’ll surely win hands down if you wear your attitude on your sleeves and enhance the skills to tackle and control any situation or environment. If, however, arrogance is drooping from your personality, women may find you a turn-off. Confidence is one of the most important virtues in a man’s personality and women are generally attracted to those men, who have oodles of it. Your self-confidence (not to be mistaken as arrogance) will give you the necessary push to get noticed and appreciated by her.