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How to Talk Smooth with Women on a Date

Have you been tongue-tied after looking at a beautiful girl? She is standing at the office cafeteria and all you could do was to keep staring and fantasise! There are some men who feel that they need to come up with a pick up line but they do not approach it correctly. Such breed of men are inclined to give the widest and corniest grin when a pretty girl responds a little favourably to their first glance. So, what is the ideal way of approaching a girl and talk smooth to win her over?

Maintain the right posture

Your preparation for talking smooth to a woman should begin even before you have had an eye contact. This is because the woman has probably looked at you by this time. You need to keep your back straight and assume an air of a man who has just won a battle. Women like to be with a man who is a winner. Your posture is the first indication of that.

The first look

You need to let the good looking lady know that you want to meet her. You do not need to put up any sign boards for this, but just look at her with a killer appeal. It may sound strange but that look can be practiced. You can learn how to come up with your “hot” look. Look at yourself in the mirror after having shaved. It is not as though you look altogether different but the freshly shaven look is still something else. You know that you are looking good.

If you are new to the game of giving the right look, it may not work the first time. But keep at it and eventually you will gain enough practice for perfecting it.

The next steps

After you have given your special lady the killer look, it is time you walked up to her. When talking, never forget making an eye contact with her. If you glance sideways or towards the floor, it would make her quite uneasy. Be relaxed yet confident in carrying out the conversation. Avoid getting restless and fidgety for changing the topic.

One of the attributes of smooth conversation is that you allow enough time for uttering each sentence and be careful in your choice of words. This would ensure that you do not make mistakes when conversing. A well poised man is one who keeps his feet apart and does not clasp them together when standing and talking. When sitting, a calm posture with enough space to talk better would make the right impression.

The steps detailed above can help you in your efforts of talking smooth to a woman. You need to be confident and poised to make the best impression on the special lady.