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What Girls Never Notice on a Date

Girls are sharp-sighted, especially on a date. There are a few things that girls will never notice, no matter how hard you try them to notice. This doesn’t mean that they are difficult to please, but the question that arises is ‘how can you make her notice what you want them to’.

Here are a few things and actions that girls won’t be pleased with or notice on a date.

Real you – You need to put in efforts to be extra sweet, nice and courteous than you are to impress her on a date. You may be nervous about the date or afraid of things that may go wrong. But, the key to victory is being confident and not letting your nervous energies to take over your mind. This confident you will surely impress her. Make sure you don’t overdo though.

Good looks – You may presume that looking good on a date will impress her, but you are wrong. Women prefer personality over appearance; your good looks will be forgotten if you’re not confident or just letch her.

Your sense of humour – Being humorous will work to your advantage, but not cracking rude jokes unless the two of you are like-minded. It is safe to vouch on instant laughter jokes. Teasing is fine, but don’t make embarrassing or sarcastic remarks such as ‘I hate your shirt’ or ‘I don’t like what you are wearing’. She won’t notice your objective behind that, but you just might be turning her off.

How cool you are – Abide by the golden rule ‘the first impression is the last impression’. Laid-back attitude when heading to a date will not work out for you so prepare for the date to establish an instant connection.

Phone etiquettes – A girl wishes for undivided attention on a date. Try to avoid taking calls or sending when you are with her. If you have an important thing to discuss with a friend, don't take more than 5 minutes for the telephonic dialogue.

Behaviour in public – How you behave in public also matters a great deal to her. So, it is advisable to be courteous when you communicate with people around you.

These are the things that boys must avoid on a date to so that his date pays complete attention to him. Don’t, however cry for attention.