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Types of Men, Women find Undesirable

Women are most times very picky with their choice of men. There are always likes and dislikes. Though tastes and preferences many vary from person to person, there are some types that more or less applies to all. Women always keep a mental check on qualities that they prefer in a partner.

Unemployed Man –Gone are the days when women fell for men without a look at their bank balance. Shakespeare’s Juliet didn’t care; famous Punjabi tragic lover Heer didn’t care either. But modern day Heers and Juliets are aware that love doesn’t keep one alive all by itself. It is love with a thick bank balance, or else how pathetic will Valentine’s Day be!

The so called Perverts – Sex starved men are avoided at all times. Doesn’t mean that women prefer sex less males, however sex starved men’s main motive is to get beneath the sheets. Other than that they really do not care much about anything else. A sexually ravenous man is a no-no, primarily because they he has sex in his mind all throughout the day.

The Angry Young Man - Sorry friend but if you are perpetually angry all the time, you may not have a good chance with her. No girl likes to have some raging lunatic by their side. If a man is aggressive that pretty much takes away all the fun from the couples’ life. Who likes to be with a man who has no shine and sheen? Who doesn’t like to appreciate the beauty of life and is constantly nagging, angry and frustrated. I am sure that even Amitabh Bachchan, the angry young man of Bollywood smiled from time to time in his angry films.

The Needy Boy – Women are not so keen on attending to the emotional and mental needs of a needy boy. It’s like adopting a son. And women don’t want sons, they want a man. On the contrary, this poor boy needs a mother. Most women like a confident and self reliant man and having such a needy boy in her life would be exasperating for her.

The Judgemental Man – Women do not ever want a wise uncle with them who would almost always comment on things and pass a judgement. It’s frustrating for them to have someone who is judgemental about all things even her actions sometimes or sadly most times.

Having said all this one must remember that women are men are poles apart when it comes to the idea of love and each individual has a different idea of it. So, it may just vary from person to person.