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Famous Psycho Sexologist and Senior Ayurveda Dr. BK Kashyap Director of Kashyap Clinic Pvt Ltd have been benefitting people suffering from sexual problems and depression since past two and half decades through his experience and successful treatment. Dr. Kashyap’s aim is to pave the way for a successful life by giving freedom to the youth and couples from various problems related to sex and depression and to save the lives of children in the life of couplet The main purpose of Dr. Kashyap’s life is to keep constant and innovative efforts to make his subject’s life happier.

According to Dr. Kashyap, the cause of sexual problems is more often due to mental depression than physical. Patients visit Kashyap Clinic that are suffering from extensive sex problem and physical inefficiency, as well as with mental depression; according to the experience of Dr. Kashyap, it is possible to treat complex sexual problems. In the Kashyap clinic, there is a large number of couple visiting for infertility issues, Dr. Kashyap has helped such couples and their homes are filled with joy and cries of children  through his experience and successful treatment. Such endless experiences are known through Kashyap’s clinic.



If you are unable to maintain an erection then you are suffering from impotency or erectile  dysfunction.


There can be several causes for why you are not able to bear a child. With a proper diagnosis, infertility can be detected and treated.


If you are coming sooner than expected then you are suffering from Premature Ejaculation.


Masturbation is the kind of sexual pleasure that an individual start from a very young age.


If you get wet while dreaming then you are suffering from wet dreams or nightfall.


Penis enlargement has become the point of big concern when your co-partner is more demanding.


If you have lost the desire for sex then you are suffering from low libido or loss of libido.


If you have a lower sperm count than normal, you might be facing infertility problems. It is also called oligospermia.

Our Some Satisfied Patients

I found the best treatment and saved my love life, my life has once again been good, thanks! Dr. Kashyap gave me stress free life. I am feeling self-confident in myself again.


Today, my husband is very happy with the counseling and treatment of Dr. Kashyap and our life is auspicious. Now I honestly advise anyone who has a sex problem, Kashyap must consult with Dr. Kashyap.


During the counseling and treatment at the Kashyap Clinic, Dr.B.K. Kashyap spoke seriously with a very friendly and open approach to my problems and my problems. I’m completely satisfied.

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