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How to Last Longer in Bed

Most guys would go throw a period of time in their life when their ability to last in bed would not be the same. This is the time when they need some guidance on lasting longer in bed. This sex problem is known as premature ejaculation and it can occur in men irrespective of their age. However, this is more common in young men. This problem is not so much a disease as an inability to control sexual reactions and the ejaculation reflex. Thus, with some easy-to-follow tips, you can learn about how to last long in bed.

Don’t get too excited –

Neither be too excited, nor too nervous when in bed. Practice deep breathing and do not allow your thoughts to wander on ejaculation.

Squeeze –

When having sex, if you feel you are about to ejaculate too early, stop thrusting and squeeze just below the head of the penis. Keep holding for thirty seconds after which the rush of blood flow would have subsided. This would prevent you from ejaculating so early.


Using condoms not only prevents you from HIV and other STDs, it also helps to delay ejaculation. As your penis does not get rubbed enough for ejaculation, it takes longer for you to ejaculate. Thus, you are able to have sex for longer than before.

Desensitising cream

There are creams especially meant for delaying ejaculation as they decrease the sensation in the penis.

Try different positions

If you want to hold on to your ejaculation for a bit longer, trying out new positions can help. You need to find out the position that works best for you in holding ejaculation. Moreover, changing position while having sex naturally interrupts your sex arousal, thereby delaying ejaculation.

Herbal remedies

There are scores of herbal remedies for treatment of all kinds of sexual problems and premature ejaculation is not an exception. Extracts of Tribulus terrestris have been known to have a good effect when used by prematurely ejaculating men. You can use herbs such as yohime and maca for improved sexual function.

Yoga –

Certain postures in yoga help to strengthen the muscles that are used during ejaculation. You can ask your yoga trainer for a set of asanas which strengthen your pelvic muscles and those around the groin. Making these muscles strong would help in prolonging your sex.