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Sex and Life Expectancy

Does sex improve your expectancy for life? It is a well established fact that sex releases hormones in the body that increase intimacy and bond between the partners. Research has shown that the positive hormones released in the body after sex work against the effects of loneliness and depression. Some research has been carried out to link increased sexual activity with life expectancy. There are some opinions that orgasms more than 100 per year result in increase of life expectancy by 3 to 8 years.

The importance of sex can be understood in view of the importance of touch. It has been found that animals and babies who have been deprived of physical touch remain sick. It is felt that touching creates bond, increases self-worth and gives the necessary physical stimulus for releasing essential hormones and other substances. Sex in particular has been linked to the release of a hormone that is found when people sleep. It has a relaxing impact.

Sex and Life expectancy have a definite link to each other you can consider it as one of factors to keep yourself relaxed. Just follow some tips to have an active sex life such as

::->   Be open about your partner’s need and desires,
::->    Seek help for any problems, maintain your sexual health with regular exercise,

::->   Blood pressure and weight should be under control.