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Foods for a Higher Sex Drive

There are certain foods that can be easily incorporated into everyday diet to enhance sex drive. These foods affect our senses, and elicit sensuality. Some may argue with the notion of food being associated with libido. But, foods can kick up the sex drive.

1. Eggs:
Egg, enriched with vitamin B5 and vitamin B6, helps to reduce stress and sets the tone for the pursuit. A symbol of fertility, eggs help to raise energy levels.

2. Fruits
Fruits are full of vitamins, which is a libido booster. Bananas contain bromelain enzyme, which increases libido and reverses impotence in men. Fruits, such as mangoes, peaches and bananas, make you more interested in sex. It also contains potassium and riboflavin that raises body's overall energy levels. Watermelon contains phytonutrient citrulline that increases body's levels of nitric oxide to relaxe blood vessels and increase blood circulation. This decreases the time taken to become aroused.

3. Soy:
Tofu and edamame helps to bind estrogen, and keeps the vaginal area lubricated. Soy foods promote prostate health for men.

4. Chocolate:
Chocolate containing phenylethylamine can evoke feeling of being in love. It can also be used in foreplay. Dark chocolates also contain anti-oxidants that protect you against infections.

5. Oysters:
Oysters are rich source of zinc and dopamine, which evoke sensuality and increase the sex drive. Have oysters in your meal plan if night of a romance. Health experts advise avoiding raw oysters during pregnancy.

6. Nuts:
Nuts, especially the one rich in L-Arginine, improve sexual functions in men. These improve blood circulation to energise you and help you with sexual issues, such as erectile dysfunction. Cashews, walnuts and peanuts are among common nuts to help you up revive sex drive.

7. Almonds:
An excellent source of essential fatty acids, almonds ensure healthy production of hormones. Eat almonds raw or sprinkle crushed almonds on milk shake or salads when you need immediate dose of energy.

8. Garlic:
Garlic increases blood flow to the sexual organs. Add garlic paste in delicacies to derive benefits. If you have trouble having raw garlic, try garlic capsules.

9. Avocados:
Enriched with folic acid, avocados metabolise proteins and energise you. It has vitamin B6 (increases male hormone production) and potassium (regulates woman's thyroid gland), increasing libido in both men as well as women.