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How to Control Your Sex Drive

One of the reasons for a spat between couples may be alleviated sex drive. High sex drive is not always a problem if you know how to sync your life accordingly. Controlling sex drive may sound like a sage on a spiritual journey and leaving lavish pursuits, but actually it is not even a portion of it. Overactive sex drive may lead to frustration. Therefore, it is necessary to control your libido with slight lifestyle changes.

If you’re keen to resolve or prevent relationship concerns that evolve out of inability to control sex drive, here are certain things that you can do to make things right.

Consult Health Care Provider

Discuss the condition of unusually high sex drive along with other medical conditions with a concerned medic. Alleviated sex drive referred to as hypersexuality, nymphomania or satyriasis, may also be a sign of medical condition such as bipolar disorder or adrenal cancer. If your health care provider finds out that no medical condition is responsible for uncontrollable sex drive, rush to a psychologist for its treatment.

Say No to Sexual Stimulation

One must abstain from watching pornography to control his/her sex drive. Observe your thoughts to see if there is any specific reason or individual that stimulates sexual response in you. If you suspect any such connection, avoid contact with them.

Social Affiliations

You need to pursue nonsexual relationships with people to apply brakes on your sex drive. Take up a new hobby or engage in a sport along with your partner to connect with them in a different way. One can enrol in a social club, gymnasium or volunteer for events to get focus off sex.

Spiritual Association

Learning or practising yoga is another way to keep you engaged. You may also engage in religious events and activities and learn more about spirituality to get rid of hypersexuality. Assistance of a spiritual leader can be of help.

Diet Modifications

Dietary changes can also help you control sex drive. Soy helps in the reduction of testosterone levels, which in turn reduces libido. Similarly, eat a low-fat diet to restrict the alleviation of testosterone levels. Meat products such as beef, chicken, pork and turkey also contribute to high testosterone levels and therefore, should be limited.

Abstain from Alcohol/Drugs

To lower your inhibitions, stay away from alcohol and drugs.