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Celebrities and Sex Addiction

While we may assume much of celebrity gossip to be true, here are some celebrities who have battled with sex addiction or have been rumoured to have had a problem.

David Duchovny

Although, Duchovny, an American writer, has been married since 1997 and is a father to two, rumours about him and his promiscuous ways never ceased. He denied all the rumours in a popular celebrity magazine and imposed “I am not a sex addict” to his fans and critics. He, however, had later admitted that he had sex addiction and was committed to a rehab for treatment

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods experience with sex addiction is a rather famous and recent one in the catalogue of possible celebrity sex addiction. Woods had wrecked his marriage after a domestic dispute caught fire. With his parade of mistresses having been exposed to the media, he wrote an apology on his website mentioning his disappointment at causing hurt to his wife and children.

Kanye West

Apart from being known for being an excellent rapper/singer, Kanye West has never been captured without arms around a lady. In 2006, he had told Rolling Stone that he enjoyed pornography, though West later insisted that the reporter had exaggerated West’s statement. In 2009, West took his fans and readers of Details magazine by a surprise when he told the magazine that he had sex addiction. There has been no record of him having undergone treatment for sex addiction.

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Russell Brand

Little is known about Brand’s promiscuous activities compared with his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. He had won Sun’s “Shagger of the Year” award. Not surprising is the rumour about him having slept with over 80 women in a month. In his memoir, My Booky Wook, he had admitted to have an addiction to sex and heroin. To get treatment for sex addiction, he entered the sexual addiction treatment center in Philadelphia. He is now engaged to Katy Perry.

Michael Douglas

Douglas’ experience with sex addiction may as well be assumed to have sprouted with him having taken movies or “life imitating art” as movies are popularly identified, too seriously. Douglas played sexually driven role in Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction. Douglas was reported to have been committed to a sex rehab in 1993. The claims of him having been committed to a sex rehab was denied by Douglas in December 1994 when he said that he was in Sierra Tucson clinic to be treated for excessive drinking.

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Eric Benet

An R&B singer, Benet, hogged a lot of attention after he married actress Halle Berry, though they called their marriage quits in 2003 post which rumours started spreading like forest fire about Benet being treated for sex addiction. In 2008, Benet admitted to have gone through treatment for addiction, but not sex addiction.