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Is Pain during Intercourse Normal

Pain during intercourse is perfectly normal especially if it is the first time. However, if the pain occurs frequently then it is definitely not normal. One must understand that the continuation of pain during sexual intercourse is not advisable to anybody. An immediate consultation with a gynaecologist is essential and medical advice should be taken in order to successfully treat the cause of pain during sexual intercourse. [Read: How to Overcome Pain during Intercourse.

Listed below are a few reasons that are known to cause pain during sexual intercourse: Couples can often experience painful sex if they are emotionally disturbed or physically stressed. Women should not always trace the source of pain in the vagina. At times, pain can also lie in the entrance of the vagina or the pelvis muscles. Pain in such regions can also cause a painful sexual intercourse .

There might be cases when the vagina is not lubricated enough due to which male penetration might become painful. This might be due to extreme hormonal fluctuations, dryness, infections or a hysterectomy surgery. Also, in some cases, women experience pain during the menstrual cycle. Sex during this time can cause pain because generally a loss of placenta and discharge of blood tends o make the tissues inside the vagina more sensitised than usually it is. In such cases, over-the-counter lubricants available in the market can help.

Most women are susceptible to vaginal infections at all times. To prevent any fungal attacks and yeast infections, the vagina should be kept clean and dry at all times. Often a white discharge from the vagina can be a potential fungal infection causing pain while having sexual intercourse. This should be treated with utmost urgency. In many extreme situations,

the constant burning, inflammation and itching in the vagina can also cause pain during the sexual intercourse. Most often, antibiotics, creams and gels are prescribed by the doctor as a cure after conducting tests on the discharge.
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Other clinical cases such as tumours (especially fibroid tumours), ovarian cysts, growths and muscular inflammations inside the walls of the vagina can lead to pain during sex. Such conditions need the advice of a medical practitioner and cured over a period of time in order to avoid painful sex or other sex problems. Another disease called Vaginismus can cause problems in having sex.

In this disease the muscles located in the outer opening of the vagina can be a source of extreme pain. It is usually triggered by infections in the vagina that are persistent.