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Coping with Sexuality Problems

The notion that a particular gender must chase the opposite is a passé, especially with the society being candid about the different sexual orientations. Individual must deal with his/her sexual identity as they grow up and there is a chance that someone finds himself/herself attracted to the same sex. If you are unsure of what your sexual orientation is or fear being rejected by the mainstream society because of your sexuality, here are ways to cope with the sexuality problems.

Recognising your sexuality and coping with one that you perhaps didn’t want to belong to may be frustrating and disappointing. Coping with sexuality problems may seem difficult but they are easy as long as you:

Acknowledge every attraction whenever it happens instead of attempting to stifle the feelings.

Don’t push yourself to believe that you fall under certain sexuality when you don’t want to or are yet to discover.

Be honest with what you know about your sexuality and not evade it. For instance, if you are bisexual, do not convince yourself to believe that you are heterosexual.

Seek support. If you feel isolated among people with a normal sexual orientation, look for local, regional or national organisations that support and fight for your lifestyle.

Take your sexuality maturely. Letting others know about your sexual orientation is not important. Give your sexuality and relationship the privacy and respect they deserve.

Be honest with yourself and others. When you know that you belong to certain sexuality, accept it and do not shy from letting others know. Talking about your sexuality may not be exciting, but hiding it under the covers is only going to make you feel dejected.

Here is a short guide on the different sexual orientations.


Bisexuality is the type of sexual orientation that an individual may never realise. It is when a person of either sex is attracted to both males and females that he/she falls under the category of bisexuals. The intensity of attraction of bisexuals is not limited to sexual pleasure. Communication is vital in coping with bisexuality.


Heterosexuals are those that are attracted to the opposite sex. This sexual orientation is the most commonly spread sexual orientation. The intensity of attraction in heterosexuals is limited to interactions with someone of the opposite sex.


Homosexuality makes a person get attracted to people of the same sex. Homosexuals are popularly called ‘gay’ or ‘lesbian’.