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Female Sexual Dysfunction Issues

Female sexual dysfunction interrupts a woman’s sexual satisfaction and occurs when there is an absence of any stage of the sexual response cycle (desire, arousal, orgasm and resolution). Female sexual dysfunction issues affect a woman’s physical, emotional and mental well-being and her relationship with her partner. Some sexual problems in women are:

Lack of Libido

A woman may have inhibited sexual desires by virtue of which she may not respond to intercourse. This female sexual dysfunction can occur due to physiological and psychological reasons. Physiological reasons affecting sexual interest of a woman are multifaceted i.e. they can be diabetes, hormonal problems, menopause, obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, chronic use of contraceptive pills and smoking. Underlying psychological reasons can be tension related to relationship, emotional breakdown, low-self esteem and concern about body changes.

It is one of the common sexual problems among women. There are four types of arousal disorders, which are:

subjective sexual arousal disorders- in such a disorder, a woman has sexual urges and her vagina shows increased lubrication, but she will not feel sexual arousal.

genital sexual arousal disorder- as the name suggests, it is related to a woman’s genital. There will be little or no vaginal lubrication or vulva may be swelled.

combined genital and subjective arousal disorder- there is a lack of lubrication as along with no sexual arousal.

a woman, who is persistently experiencing genital sexual arousal disorder, may have unwanted genital arousal without sexual desire. She does not get orgasm and arousal can end in a few hours or days.

Anorgasmia (Lack of Orgasm)

Orgasm is sexual climax and its absence can be caused by numerous factors such as inhibited sexual desire of a woman, inexperience, lack of sex knowledge and psychological factors such as issues with the partner, professional tension or a past sexual trauma. Certain medications, hormonal disorder, excessive use of contraceptive pills, chronic diseases and insufficient stimulation may be other factors.

Vaginal Pain Disorders

It is another common sexual problem in women. When a partner tries to penetrate his penis or finger into the vagina, a woman may experience recurrent and continuous pain. Another vaginal pain disorder is vaginismus i.e. intense tightness of the vaginal muscles that makes penetration difficult. This disorder does not affect a woman’s sexual desire and arousal. With vaginismus, a woman may want to have sex, but there would be no relaxation in the crammed vaginal muscles. No specific cause of vaginismus is known, but past sexual trauma can be a potent reason.