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7 of the Best Alcohol Alternatives to Spice Up Your Sobriety

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  • 7 of the Best Alcohol Alternatives to Spice Up Your Sobriety

It’s well tolerated, you can give it to your dogs to calm down, and most users at least report anecdotal effects of relaxation, stress relief, and muscle/pain relief. Careful on this one; if you’re trying to fully eliminate alcohol from your life, kombucha can have trace amounts. Some doctors believe components of kratom attach themselves to the same parts of the nerve cell as opioid healthy alternatives to alcohol painkillers and create a similar effect in your brain. They warn that kratom can have dangerous side effects, as well as potentially being addictive. If you’re ready to make a change, without turning your life upside down, schedule a call with a member of our team today. Just one 30-minute massage session can reduce stress hormones, lower heart rate, and curb high blood pressure.

substitute for drinking alcohol

While these factors may be used to diagnose alcohol abuse, an accurate diagnosis depends on your honesty with your treatment provider. Being honest with a doctor is vital to understanding if alcohol abuse is something that should be diagnosed. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to preventing alcoholism, it is important to be aware of the risk factors and seek help if you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Alternative #2: Recess

People who are concerned about their current pattern of drinking can take more drastic lifestyle-related steps. Many adults will find it easy to stretch the NIAAA guidelines’ limits by doing nothing more than taking part in social drinking at gatherings and events. This is true, in part, because of the prevalence of drinking as a social activity. Additionally, note that canned mushrooms and the liquid can be high in sodium. If you want to control the sodium content of your recipes, make sure to choose low-sodium canned mushrooms. These have been studied for their potential to boost immune health and may lower some heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure (4, 5, 6).

Not only is tomato juice a great cooking ingredient, it is also healthy. One cup (237 ml) provides over 20 different nutrients, including 74% of your daily needs for vitamin C and 22% for vitamin A (8). For example, if a recipe calls for one cup of white wine, you should replace it with half a cup of lemon juice mixed with half a cup of water.

Replacing Alcoholic Beverages

One key reason for alcohol consumption is it’s found in everyday social settings. In addition, many people turn to drinking as a form of relaxation or stress relief for the nervous system. Health experts are ever-more vocal about the negative impact this habit can have over time.

substitute for drinking alcohol

Can help keep people moving toward recovery goals outside of professional services. Ongoing addiction treatment can help minimize relapses and establish longer periods of recovery. Outpatient care involves treatments that allow the person to live at home, work and maintain other routines while attending care. Rather than living at the treatment center, the person will attend their appointment and then return home. Intensive outpatient care could involve several hours of treatment several times per week to offer more support to people in need.

Alcohol Alternative #4: CLEAN Cause Sparkling Yerba Mate

Try Pok Pok Som drinking vinegar for that signature blend of sweet and sour. The Twisted Shrub is another option that comes with a side of prebiotics. It’s been linked to liver inflammation and possible dependency in some people. If you’re going to make kava a regular habit, talk to your doctor first.

  • Only 7.2% of people with an alcohol use disorder received treatment.
  • Call your friends over for a potluck-style snack spread complete with a well-curated charcuterie board and other low-maintenance yet comforting foods, all paired with your sparkling fruit juice flavor of choice.
  • Luckily, there are plenty of stress-relieving solutions that can help you whittle your waistline and boost your health.
  • These problem drinkers can keep their careers or home lives together as they continue with their alcohol abuse.

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