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Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction

This is a common medical phenomenon that most men report. This is a medical problem where
Individual reports trouble getting or keeping an erection for sex. there are different treatments
Procedures for erectile dysfunction.
Causes of erectile dysfunction include:
1 Reduced flow of blood through the penis or when there is damage to the nerves.
2 Intense stress and emotional turmoil.
3 Conditions prior to the onset of a disease, such as atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar. The mechanism behind erection is the exfoliation of spongy tissue and
The blood that is trapped. The reason for the stretching of the penis is internal blood pressure. during intercourse,
Nerve signals reaching the penis cause contraction of the tissues in the penis, and blood flows back
in system. With the problem of ED, one can get and keep an erection for sex. these problems
This can be corrected with the participation of a urologist who will prescribe the treatment procedures. men
With erectile dysfunction, there is a risk of having a heart attack, circulatory problems or stroke. straightenable
Procrastination lowers the individual’s self-esteem and leads to depression and distress for a couple

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